Instant Family

by Berry



Matt, Shane, Paul, and I (Joey) recorded the live tracks to these songs over a year ago in a pole barn in Wichita, KS. While we apologize for the delayed release, please know that it is because we insist on releasing our music in the best format possible. We've been sitting on a contract with Capitol for over a year now, but they could not guarantee full 7.1 surround reproduction. Now, finally, on the eve of All Hallows' eve, amidst fallen leaves, depression, and the 2012 presidential election, we have decided the timing is right to share INSTANT FAMILY. Decidedly, it was in our best interest to release it here, independently.


released October 30, 2012

both songs written by Berry
both songs produced by Berry along with Joey Lemon
both songs mixed and mastered by Joey Lemon



all rights reserved


Berry Chicago

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Track Name: Happy and Fat
Happy and Fat

Ski gloves fit to hands,
ski mask. It's cold out, cold as a stray tit,
cold as the dead kittens
no longer sucking it, and the mother, malnourished.

A man and a woman
and their new born, from Arkansas, called the clinic around
Christmas. I guess they were
visiting their grandparents. At 10 days, their child lost 3 pounds.

Oh christ, oh shit,
that is worse than those goddamn kittens.

Stick a bottle in
that kids mouth: formula every two hours,
until it's happy and fat,
and not crying for food. It is that easy, too.

Is it that easy to
ruin someone's life? You do not even give an effort.
It comes more naturally
than just breathing, our hearts beating; it’s just drinking and eating.

I had a sandwich
just the other day, ate it passion.

Took me 10 minutes,
the dog waiting patiently in the car.
Track Name: Doll Hairs
Doll Hairs

Start it and drive to the office.
I'm waiting for word from corporate
to pull her trigger. Six figure
salary means everything to me.

Do my intentions deceive you?
I'll tear your life right in four.
I'll fuck that loan in an instant
and tell them you've got it all to lose.

City liv-
ing, downtown
eating -- costs are up I’ve found.
But I won't
that sandwich on the terrace

for a million bucks. My dad
always used to joke about paying
our allowance in bucks or in doll hairs.
He got such a kick from that.
I'm stalling for her rents to get it on with.

I want to ask their daughter's hand.
Her mother is disapproving.
And sure she'll lie and she'll feign for a time;
we will all stick to the lines.

It's fine I work my 8 hours.
Reception's smelling her flowers.
She's working late; she has breast cancer
that's taken away her lovers.

Hair went flat,
straight, then short,
then one day it went away.
Fading fast,
I'm not sure
why she's still here every day.

Let me die away from this place.
She consumes my heart with her illness.
"Hey, my face is up here, up here,” she says. She says
I've been staring at those tits
as her eyes fill with tears. We're still here.

Just when she's given up, given in,
her doctor calls she's in remission.
Hope undesired and in the place
of cancer a cancerous fear.

There are split paths the horizon.
Choices, I've not made decisions.
Her fear still lingers where foresight's dated,
a girl whom I once confided.

We married,
I carried
her through college, through a lot.
She carried
the baby
to term. Then she lost the plot.

I better admit that last part
is fiction in case my girlfriend keeps reading
this private shit. I write more fiction than non.
My dog is sleeping on my pillow.
She's exhausted. She is gone.